Operation running in full swing

March 21st, 2022

Websters Dictionary describes the word “caring” as; feeling or showing concern for or kindness to others. The following photos demonstrate the word in action.

One, five, or twenty people cannot move 300 backpacks full of essential supplies for refugee children in 10 days, and raise enough money to purchase and build another 1,000. We now have people involved with this project with Law Degrees, humanitarian crisis experience, tech backgrounds, nonprofit management experience. And they are all willing to step up and work to insure we stay focused on providing backpacks to refugee children, and we do it with prudence and accountability.

The refugee crisis now unfolding in Europe has galvanized people with caring hearts to do something, anything… to try and help. From the beginning, that has been the only mission for Operation BackPack4Kids. And we are doing something that is beyond words. The IPA pilots are showing the world that we care.

IPA Pilots loading up the bags and taking them to the Red Cross refugee center…


This mother fled Kyiv 3 days ago with her younger son. Her husband and her 18 year son stayed behind to fight. She was thankful for the supplies, and she couldn’t believe the ‘Americans’ cared like this.


IPA Pilots with giant hearts passing out candy and showing the children that people around the world, do actually care about them.


IPA Pilots hard at work volunteering with the Cologne Firefighters to bring meals into the refugee center.



Big shout out to American Airlines SDF for not charging shipping on bags! Our pilot told the agent what we are doing, and her response was… “those bags fly for free”.


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