March 11th, 2022


So everyday, thousands of Ukrainian refugees are making their way across Europe. Some of them have friends or contacts in Europe who are willing to help out, while many others are just along for the ride to where ever life takes them. Many of these refugees are children.

These are photos from Poland. You can see many young kids traveling with all types of luggage and plastic bags. Families literally left with whatever they could grab and flee with. Many of these refugees will end up in Germany.


A family waits with their belongings. Notice the child sleeping on a suitcase.


As you can see there are so many refugees trying to board trains to Western Europe, they have stand in line until there is room on a train.


Many refugees are traveling with plastic bags. They didn’t have luggage.


A young Ukarianian mother and young child. She came across the border with nothing. Her husband who stayed to fight, arranged for her to leave in an Army truck to get her away from the shelling. She rode in the back with the baby for 3 hours at night in the cold. And that was only the beginning of her journey.


Those that had suitcases, well you can see they don’t hold up so well.


So this is why we are doing Operation BackPack4Kids. They need our help, and although the mountain seems impossible to climb, we will put one foot in front of the other and help as many kids as possible.

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