March 12th, 2022


1. The Salvation Army has partnered with us! The Louisville Area Command is going to allow us to set up a ‘build the backpacks’ day and assemble backpacks using the money being donated. You will also be able to drop off your backpacks as well. The date is being discussed now. Depending on how many backpacks we receive, it is possible we can share some with the Salvation Army (Germany) and distribute them in other areas.

2. Donations are pouring in, and dozens and dozens of our pilots have stepped up to volunteer. Each morning (early!!) we will walk up 20 or so backpacks and see how the day unfolds. As I have said, the situation is very fluid, but the refugees are increasing in numbers each day.

3. Many people have asked about bringing candy or snacks over. The answer is YES! Halloween size candy would the be best, and chocolate would be preferable. Unfortunately many of the smaller kids have poor dental hygiene, and hard candy is not a good option for their teeth.

I will never be able to thank everyone enough for what is happening here. A need was identified, and the IPA pilots responded. It is just that simple. What an amazing group.

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