March 15th, 2022


1. The outpouring support for this project has been phenomenal. To date the operation has close to 400 backpacks in various stages of transport. Our supply room is filling up at the Marriott, and Wednesday evening, distribution will begin. From inception to actually putting these backpacks into the hands of needy children…. Seven days!! Job well done, everyone can see what a tremendous effort has been made so far by this amazing pilot group.

2. Coordinators are assessing the number of backpacks on hand, and how many can be move into CGN on a timely manner. Because this humanitarian crisis is not going away anytime soon the need will be great for many weeks to come. So do not feel discouraged if your bag has to be stored for a time before we can move it – it will get to Europe and it will get to a child. If you have a bag ready for shipment, email

3. The Salvation Army continues to be our main partner because they have their emergency services set up all throughout Europe. They are very excited about receiving these backpacks for distribution. The operation is making contact with their people in Europe, and putting the logistical steps in motion to give them the backpacks.

4. We have raised over $15,000 towards building backpacks and we expect that number to grow daily. Thank you to everyone who has provided this money. The coordinators are researching the best bang for the buck on how to build additional backpacks with these funds. Again, it cannot be overstated what a strong start we have. There will always be hurdles to anything “worthy”, but it is always worth the climb.

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