OBP4K Test Run in Poland

March 19th, 2022

Grassroots efforts like this can have lightning fast results when volunteers utilize all available tools to make things happen. We passed out 20 bags in Krakow, Poland yesterday, and it was a Penny in a lake. So we mobilized the NGO’s working in the train station and within hours, we had transportation and supply stores lined up, an assembly area, and volunteers ready to work. The money you donated procured 97 more backpacks with all the supplies. We came here to prove a point… we have the ability to deliver these backpacks. Although this might be the only trip we can make to Poland for a while, we made this one count.


The sweet old grandmother in the next photo is 86 years old. Her daughter said she gets nervous now inside a building and would I stand with her while she went back inside the Red Cross. Neither of us could understand each other, but she grabbed my hand and held it tight and put her head on my shoulder. Needless to say I cried a lot yesterday.


A Polish American doctor from John Hopkins told us she couldn’t witness anymore suffering, so she jumped on a plane with no plan, but we exchanged numbers. Now she’s running the Red Cross clinic 3… she texted last night and said… I need those bags, but can you get me 25 for mothers with small babies? Without saying we don’t have those, We knew that we could put something together.


Loading the last 5 mother bags complete with EVERYTHING a mom needs for a baby to last 7 days, food included in the van.


The train station in Krakow is a meltdown, so many people wondering around, so much pain and suffering in the eyes of these mothers, but I hope everyone knows that this operation is working, and we are helping kids. Well over 300 bags have been handed out now. 

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