Update from Poland

March 13th, 2022

Chris B., with the German Army has been taking supplies to Poland for the Red Cross. Here are some photos he sent from Krakow. The Polish are overwhelmed, they have no more room to house anymore refugees. I know these photos are hard to see, but this is why we have to do this. Many will continue on, and the next stop is…. You guessed it, Germany.

A Polish grandmother and mother try to rest on the floor of the train station with their family.


The train station, refugees sit against the wall


A small Ukraine girl smiling after receiving a blanket and some chocolate. (NOTE: she fled with her family with only her pajamas and boots. Nothing else)


Refugees go through donated items to use. (NOTE: many of them have no luggage or bags, they are using plastic shopping bags to carry their belongings)


Refugees receiving food and drinks from a makeshift canteen inside the train station.


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