The Operation Grows

March 22nd, 2022

  • We continue to gain more momentum each day.
    • Pilots are coming to Germany on their own time and dime just to help assemble backpacks, and volunteer at the refugee center.
    • US pilots and their families living in Germany have stepped up and asked to help participate in the operation.
    • After consultation with people who have years of experience with NGO’s and Non Profits, we are moving forward to incorporate BackPacks4Kids into a 501(3)c. This will allow for better control by a BOD, and give volunteers an official status for tax purposes. Additionally, many groups who have not been able to donate financially, will be able to. And lastly, being a recognized official nonprofit, we will have access to purchasing products at prices not currently available.
    • We are transitioning to sourcing backpacks and supplies inside Europe until we can partner with a shipper.
    • We continue to expand our partnership with Marriott Hotels, as they provide staff support to the project.
    • We hope that everyone sees this endeavor belongs to everyone, and there is no greater joy than knowing we are making a difference in the lives of these refugee children… collectively.

Captain Beth W. spends time playing with children. The little girl loved her backpack and kept telling her mother, ‘this came from America for me’? Many of the kids come into the refugee facility scared and shell shocked. But after a meal and some rest, many of them find relief playing with toys or drawing.

  • m1otyvu9ec7e.jpeg
    waiwwbbefjst.jpegChris and Marco hard at work organizing our room at the facility. We went from a small table 6 days ago, to having a room! All the staff and volunteers now know “THE PILOTS WITH THE BACKPACKS”

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