March 24th, 2022

Operation Backpack4Kids is in full swing! Through our proactive engagements and the can-do drive that so many of you have, our backpacks are being given directly to refugee children in need.

We have operation coordinators and volunteers now coming and going to CGN on their own dime to make this project work.

Capt. Stacey B., the IKEA super shopper, buying blankets and water-bottles.


Capt. Tom L. handing out backpacks to the kids.


Everyday is groundhog’s day at the refugee center. Thousands upon thousands of displaced Ukrainians come to Germany looking for shelter and a place to rest. They are tired, and many are in shock. Mothers sit and cry for their husbands and sons who stayed behind. But the donations you made, and the backpacks you have given, are making a difference to every single child we help. And we thank you for that.

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