Bags are flowing, OB4K visits a village outside Cologne.


Promises made, promises kept. If you find yourself down and out, feeling like you can’t do anything to help, or you just feel overwhelmed… you’re not alone. From the inception of Backpack4Kids, we knew we couldn’t help every single child. But we could help 1… then 2… and now almost 658 and counting.

Today (Friday April 1, 2022) Bill, Tom and our FedEx Partners headed out to Lindlar Germany, a village East of Cologne, to hand out backpacks to refugee children. These are kids that have been taken in by that community and are attending local schools. More to follow…

“The OB4K-Wagon,” headed out to Lindlar, Germany.

A lot of behind the scenes action is taking place at BP4K. Bags are constantly arriving from the US and being made by volunteers in Germany. We are delivering backpacks daily to the refugee center and are constantly looking for situations/locations where we can be of assistance. The Build a Backpack Day is starting to take shape and we hope to be able to announce a shipping partnership for this in the near future.

KIDS HELPING KIDS: 9 bags arrive at our operations center in Cologne made by middle school students in South Burlington, Vermont

Watch the video below when you’re feeling helpless and want to know that your contribution to this endeavor IS ABSOLUTELY MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Think about it for a second, there isn’t another civilian group of people that could have made this happen so fast and effectively as we have. It’s incredible what is being accomplished here. Everyone of you have helped to make this possible.

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