Lindlar, Germany

Friday, April 1st, 2022

The call came in:  30 Ukrainian refugee children start school on Monday in a small village 45 minutes north of Cologne, and they don’t have anything, can you please help us?

Backpack4Kids from its inception has made promises we are able to keep, and we did it again.

Teaming up with our FedEx family members, 3 IPA pilots and 3 FedEx pilots loaded the Backpack4Kids wagon and drove to Lindlar Germany where we delivered ‘ready for school’ backpacks. The hurdles these children face are big… language barriers, being the new kids, trauma from their situation, not having much of anything… but they will start school Monday with a complete backpack and things they need for class, all because of people with big hearts like you.

None of this would be remotely possible without the generous giving that so many of you have provided. For as long as the donations and backpacks come in, we will provide direct support to the Ukrainian children through our backpack program.

Showing off the backpacks! The kids think its cool Americans came to Germany to give them backpacks, but the moms usually just cry tears of happiness and say, ‘thank you, thank you…’


The children drew lots of pictures for us. They express their happiness, fears, and sorrow in their drawings.


Bill with a future artist…


Rooster the Golden Retriever was a huge hit with the kids, huge thanks to Tamara Hart (FedEx) and her family for bringing him along!


Thank you for your support. Have a great weekend,

– The OB4K Team

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