SDF Bag Drive Update:

April 6th, 2022

Shipment date and information:

(primarily intended for members of the Independent Pilots Association).

If you have prepared backpacks, please have them in SDF NO LATER THAN APRIL 20. We are shipping several pallets of backpacks ≈ April 21st from SDF. Bags will be collected at Dave S.’s hanger at Bowman Field.

If you are not local, and need assistance with storage or drop off, please contact Bill Vaughan or Jeff F. for instructions.

Please note: Backpack4Kids will continue transitioning to sourcing, assembling, and distributing backpacks in Europe at the completion of this SDF bag drive. Anyone wishing to volunteer on CGN layovers would be appreciated in this ongoing volunteer effort.

As we approach the one month mark, looking back at what has been accomplished is incredible. Hundreds of volunteers, thousands of human hours, and almost 1,000 backpacks delivered. A true testimony to the abilities and can-do attitude of the IPA pilots and others willing to help.

We have not wavered from our intended goal:

~Helping the Ukrainian refugee children fleeing the war~

2 thoughts on “SDF Bag Drive Update:

  1. Outside of completed backpacks, are there specific stock items, ie., 100 boxes of crayons, or assorted stuffed animals, or pencils etc that we can get and drop off?

    1. Yes. I will forward your request to our team that is working on the Louisville Bag drive. Please let us know if you don’t hear anything in the next couple of days. Thank you for your support. – OB4K team

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