OB4K responds to needs in real-time…


April 12th, 2022

Nothing can prepare you for sadness and shock. It just happens. As many of you know I’ve been on the ground floor, the front line of this amazing effort. But this morning, I cried again. But the rewards you receive in life often come through how you react to sadness and shock.

This sweet loving grandmother came into the refugee center today with her daughter and granddaughter. The granddaughter has Down syndrome. They fled Chernihiv last week. Her son who was a Ukrainian soldier died in 2015 in Donbas. Now her son in-law is fighting.

The Down syndrome granddaughter had tattered clothes and a dirty heavy jacket on. She needed help, so Operation BackPack4Kids fixed it. Through the use of a translator, we took grandma shopping for her granddaughter and bought her new, clean clothes for spring.


This crisis is real, and the children fleeing the war are in need of help. The refugee center is filled with women and children… many suffering depression and anxiety. It is impossible to help everyone, but we will continue to help everyone that crosses our path. We have raised thousands of dollars, and we will spend it on children who desperately need our help. Our mission has been straight forward and simple. Help these children. Today, we can say…. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

– Bill V.

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