New Operations Manager in Cologne

Allow us to introduce Cassandra Zelesnikar, who just arrived in Köln. Cassandra will be the Cologne ground operations manager for the next few weeks.

Here she is getting bags ready for shipment to Poland.

She has wasted no time learning the ropes, meeting the people, and getting the lay of the land. She’s here, working our (your) project on her own. And for that we are extremely grateful. Operation BackPack4Kids is not complicated, but it has 100 different moving parts, and the parts change ever so slightly each day. To effectively manage the ground operation here in Köln, you have to be quick on your feet and think fast. Cassandra is doing that. So please take a moment when you see her at the Marriott to tell her thank you (and or buy her a dinner!) and see if she needs any help that day. Without hundreds of volunteers and donors like Cassandra and you… we would have never gotten off the ground.

From Cassandra in CGN:

If anyone could do a dollar store run and bring a big load of those break apart Easter eggs by Saturday night so we could have an Easter egg hunt for the kids on Sunday. I can’t find any [here in Germany]. Please email if you are able to help.

Honorable Mentions:

  • We are at 937 bags delivered, inching ever closer to that magic number 1,000
  • The paperwork is signed and will be filed soon. BackPack4Kids will be officially incorporated in Kentucky
  • COMING SOON: an exciting announcement about a private donor who is matching $10,000 in donation’s!!!
  • 360 FUNDLY donors, over $60,000 raised
  • Volunteer opportunities exist, let Bill Vaughan know if you are interested.

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