Nearing our 1,000th Bag delivered!

There have been many volunteers working countless hours behind the scenes to make Operation BackPack4Kids a professionally organized nonprofit. We wish to thank each and every one of them!


  • We are rapidly approaching handing out backpack number 1,000. That’s correct, number 1,000. The bag has already been delivered to CGN, and has been identified. Standby for a photo, it will happen this week.
  • Cassandra Z. showed up and just absolutely took the ball and ran off with it! Just like Stacie Bie, Monica, Tom Livesey, and many others, Cassandra has a heart of gold and a desire to help as many of these kids as she can.
Cassandra Z @ the Cologne Refugee Center
  • A mother asked today if there was any milk in the center for her child. They hadn’t drank any milk in weeks. The Cologne RedCross facility is very nice, and staffed with wonderful volunteers. But its big, and sometimes bureaucratic. They can only offer what they have. This is where small nonprofits like us fill the void. Because we are there, and we raised money to help these children… we bought the milk! It might not seem like much, but remember these refugees are staying in local motels and hostels, and they have no money to purchase things like milk. They are eating their meals in the refugee center. To them, milk is a luxury right now. Well, as of today, the Ukrainian children have fresh, cold milk in the refrigerator whenever they want a glass.
  • Please continue to spread the word and tell your coworkers about BackPack4Kids. Many pilots have no knowledge about our endeavor.
  • Thank you to everyone who responds with generosity and kindness to request for supplies. Either buying them, or bringing them to Germany, your actions fuel the operation in Cologne.
  • Do you like country music? Buy Brian Wrights music RIGHT HERE and donate money to Operation Backpack4kids!

Until our next update, have a great week and thank you again to everyone who is making this project work. If you transit CGN, and would like to volunteer, just ask! The children at the refugee center love to see the ‘American pilots’ and practice their English.

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