Come with us on a supply run in Cologne, Germany

With bags flowing to refugees daily, keeping our backpack building supplies in stock can be a challenge. On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, Cassandra Zelesnikar, OB4K CGN operations manager, FedEx pilot Matt Corey, and IPA 747 pilot Andre Fairbanks hit the streets of Cologne, Germany looking for supplies.

Ikea is always a gold mine for us. Finding large numbers of small sized stuffed animals and water bottles can be difficult but Ikea always seems to have some for us.

Stuffed animals…check!
Water bottles….check!
Digging for treasure…
We almost had to leave Andre behind…
Fully loaded.

With a truck load of supplies the team headed back to our operations center at the Marriott Cologne to unload and restock our shelves. Backpacks will be built over the next few days using these supplies as we also prepare for the arrival of our first shipment of backpacks from Louisville, KY.

Outside Studio 7, with Easter Eggs. Cassandra and team setup an Easter Egg hunt for the kids on Easter Sunday,
Inside Studio 7, our operations center at the Cologne Marriott.

We must thank the Marriott Cologne once again as none of this could be possible or economical without their generosity.

Centrally located in beautiful Koln, Germany and big supporters of OB4K! Thank you Marriott Cologne!
Cassandra with a volunteer heading to the refugee center with a load of backpacks!

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