Operation BP4K provides aid to Ukrainian kids just 30 miles outside of Mariupol


April 28th, 2022


Our Ukrainian partners, who have helped deliver numerous backpacks of ours in Poland and Ukraine (in addition to their own humanitarian efforts), have pushed even deeper, even closer to the front lines in Ukraine. Only 30 miles outside of Mariupol, where some of the most intense fighting is taking place, these people with big hearts risked their lives to deliver the aid you provided – a dozen of your backpacks to Ukrainian refugee kids who need them!

I asked them the following question: “Why is it so important that you deliver these backpacks? Shouldn’t you just take food and medical supplies?”  Their answer dropped me to my knees:

We don’t know you, and you don’t know us. We are fighting for our country and many Ukrainians have died. We know that many more will die soon. We see and hear things about countries that support us [lighting up buildings, flying the Ukrainian flag, etc.], but no one has sent backpacks for our children. Americans are truly crazy people when they do this. And we ask why, but we feel that they care about our situation here. When parents and children see this with their hands, they believe America is a good place.” 

There is nothing more to say…. Here are the photos.

– William Vaughan, Executive Director of Global Operations, BP4K









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