BP4K given a $20,000 Matching Donation

This little angel received a backpack from us, please help others like her. Spread the word, get it out there, and lets turn 20 into 40!


Operation BackPack4Kids has been awarded 501.c.3 status by the IRS! Being such a significant moment, there is much more to say. Stay tuned for a dedicated blogpost in the next few days!

July and August 2022 Update:

What’s new you ask… how about:

  • 3,517 backpacks delivered
  • €130,000 in critical medications delivered in our donated temperature controlled coolers
  • 20 infant transports made with the BabyPod
  • 402 backpacks delivered to refugee children in Poland last week
  • Over 3,000 hours of volunteer service given by our pilot group
BP4K organizational development:

Our official IRS 501(c)3 status journey has been a long and hard road to walk at times, but your money, donations, and time have paid off 10 fold. Like any organization of volunteers, people get tired and weary. Our team is no different. But we see the faces of the children we are helping and we find the energy to keep going. Our nonprofit is now in regular communications with other NGO’s in Europe, all working together when and where they can to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

The Cologne Refugee Center:

The refugee center by the train station (called Breslauer Platz) is now under the control of the JohanniterGroup. This nonprofit organization is similar to the Salvation Army, but they have a focus and expertise in healthcare.

Rene Berg is the project manager and he and our staff have worked out an agreement to provide 20-30 backpacks per week to the refugee center. His staff is now responsible for transporting the bags from the Marriott.

Rene outside the Hauptobanhof refugee center, July 2022
Thank you!

BP4K wants to personally thank one of our families for coming over to Germany and giving up 3 weeks of their summer to work on the backpack program. We had a wonderful time, and shipped out 402 backpacks to Poland last weekend.

Cassandra is returning!!!

Cassandra will soon be back in Cologne to run the show. We will do one more big build to close out the summer and hopefully put us over 4,000 backpacks delivered.

What the future holds:

It’s difficult to comprehended Fall is around the corner. If the Ukraine struggle continues, the weather will bring a entirely new set of challenges for the children we support. Our focus will remain on helping displaced children through the challenges they face, when and where we can. We have a dedicated team of leaders and volunteers who will guide us through the next chapter of our work. We know that our efforts have paid off, the photos prove it.

Thank you to everyone who has given time, money, material goods. Without you, our work would have ended months ago.

It’s never too late to get involved…. Click here to help the refugee children 


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