BP4K Donation Match, Looking to the Future, and an Update from Kyiv

Alexander Lashyn Handing out BP4K backpacks in Kyiv, Ukraine
BP4K $20,000 Donation drive a success!

On Monday, June 13th, 2022, BP4K received a donation that brought our $20,000 donation matching opportunity to the finish line. Thank you all for your support. We continue to accept donations that fund not only our Ukraine operations but expansion to other areas around the globe where our organization is needed.

Special Update from Kyiv, Ukraine

Children come in all shapes and sizes. They come from wealthy families and poor ones as well. Some are healthy and can run all day long while others cannot even walk. But the bottom line is a child is still a child. They all have feelings and they can all observe their surroundings. The leadership group at OB4K believe that all children deserve protection and love.

The situation in Ukraine has not spared any segment of the population, and children have suffered immensely over the past 3 months. Operation BackPack4Kids was started for one purpose… to help ease the trauma and suffering of these children by providing them a backpack from Americans to show them they are loved. Last week our NGO partners handed out the last 36 bags we had shipped from America along with 25 we made in Cologne. They were delivered to a special needs home/school in Kyiv. Look closely at the photos.


We are so often asked, how are you doing this? And to be completely honest, at times like this, we don’t really have an answer. The backpacks you supplied where handed over to our NGO partner ‘Alexander Lashyn Charity Foundation’. From there we could only trust that our vetting process would work. And it did, it did in ways we never thought possible. Call it what you want, karma, luck, blessing from above. But we know one thing is absolutely 100% correct and real… it all started when you opened your hearts, wallets, and time so it could happen.

The real hero’s in this story? Alexander Lashyn, a Ukrainian weightlifter, and you!

~From the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees…

Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this operation a complete success. 

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