Transporting medicine across Europe….

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022
John Bone and Kay Wolf (Exectuve Director of UAR) loading the cooler for a trip to the Ukraine via van… John spends his days volunteering in the Blue and Yellow Crosses supply warehouse when he’s not flying.

John Bone discovers Ukraine Air Rescue

People with compassion for others, do good things, even when it’s not always convenient or fun. Meet retired Delta 777 Captain John Bone of Florida. John said he woke up one morning and watching the news and said he felt like he needed to do something, anything to help he refugees fleeing the Ukraine. After searching the web, he came across Ukraine Air Rescue, and the wheels starting turning. Flying his Cirrus airplane from Florida to Germany, he now flies a weekly mission into Poland (and places close to Poland) delivering medical supplies, transporting doctors, medical staff, and evacuating patients.

BP4K provides temperature controlled coolers used to transport medicine on small aircraft such as John’s plane.

Today John flew flight number twenty with the GoSun powered cooler that we provided UAR. Thanks again to 767Z Captain Stacie B. who made that happen!! We have played a small part in transporting over €140,000 in medicines with these temperature controlled coolers. Way back we told you the story about the need for a transport cooler. Temps are record high in Europe right now, and these coolers are a must have for the logistics chain partners that provide movement for these medications. They have been used almost daily since being handed over, in transport vans and airplanes!

CLICK HERE —>Check out this cool news story about John and his departure from Florida <— CLICK HERE

Loading up the cooler today for Johns flight. Photo is at Flugplatz Bonn/Hangelar
Thank you to all our supporters, donors, and volunteers!

Everyone who has provided support to BP4K through time, money, supplies… you did it because you believe in what we are doing. That takes a tremendous amount of trust. It is a sacred honor among the leadership of BP4K to spend the resources you provided in a manner that has a direct and impactful result on the lives of children who are affected by disasters outside their control.

From backpacks, luggage, school supplies, clothes, shoes, BabyPod transport device, GoSun Coolers… It all happens because you gave something… and for that we will always be grateful. And we will say it again… We are just getting started!

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