BP4K: November Update


BP4K is so happy to show off our new transport van we helped sponsor. Every single week this van leaves Germany for Poland and the Ukraine border… loaded with backpacks, food, clothes, household supplies. Whatever has been donated or is available is taken to people and children who desperately need it.


When our small operation began, so many of you gave money and volunteered your time to help us achieve our goal. We have been good stewards of the donations you provide, and we are proud to say 94% of every single penny you have given has gone directly to refugee children. 4% of the budget has gone to purchase items like the coolers, or fuel for trips. 2% of our budget covers administration costs of the corporation. No one at BP4K receives any monetary compensation, or reimbursement for lodging or food. Your volunteers are truly just that… VOLUNTEERS.

~Charity Navigator generally gives its highest rankings to organizations that spend less than 15% of expenses on overhead. The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance recommends a ratio of less than 35%.

Together with our NGO partners in Europe, we are seeking donations to provide refugee children Christmas presents this year. If you feel compelled, and want to provide a monetary donation for this project, now is the time to make it happen. Every single penny donated now through Dec. 15th will be used to purchase a Christmas toy or new clothing for a refugee child.

Stay tuned for our next update, the power has been turned off in many parts of the Ukraine, but Operation Backpack4Kids is helping turn the lights back on!!! 


Thank you to everyone who believes in our mission and is helping make it happen.

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