Special Update!

25th April, 2023

Backpack4kids is pleased to announce that we have secured the necessary permissions to enter the relief camp near Gaziantep Turkey.

BP4K Team members are currently in route to disperse $26,000 in funds provided through donations made by you to our special Turkish earthquake response.


Following the devastating earthquakes on February 6th, 2023, BP4K was able to send 265 backpacks to Turkey through our partnership with the UPS foundation. However, the Turkish government has otherwise maintained a complete lockdown of the affected areas for the safety and security of those involved. Non-Government-Organizations like ourselves have only recently been able to gain access.

UNICEF reports that there are over 850,00 children displaced in Turkey and Syria by the earthquakes. There are approximately 7,000 displaced children in the relief camp BP4K will be operating out of.


Backpack4Kids will be in the area near Gazniantep, Turkey for the next few days. As promised, 100% of the money raised will be spent on the victims of this tragic event, ideally on school supplies, hygienic items, etc., for children; note: our volunteers travel on their own expense. BP4K will also assess the possibility of future involvement and operations.

Later this week…

We will be posting updates from the team on the ground in Turkey. You can follow us by subscribing to our website or by following BP4K on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.

Twitter = @opbackpack4kids

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