Two sisters, with no last name…

Gaziantep, Turkey:

Cassandra Z with the two sisters in Gaziantep, Turkey..

All that is known about the girls (pictured above) were a few comments made by a woman who was by the ambulance when the girls were loaded up and rushed to a hospital. “They’re Syrian sisters, I don’t see the parents”.

February, 2023

Turkish rescue workers can only assume that the parents of these little girls threw them out of their window moments before the earthquake took down their building, killing the mother and father. The girls were found laying in the rubble, badly injured and bleeding. The oldest girl, approximately eight years old, has undergone two surgeries to her skull to reconstruct it. The orphanage housing these sisters has no information about them. They don’t have a passport, a birth certificate, a phone, or even a photo of their parents. Together with another 48 children in the orphanage, they are waiting to see what happens next in their life.


BP4K exists for one purpose… to help displaced children who need love and protection. Wherever we find a need we can meet, or help with, we do it. Sex, color, religion, nationality , handicap… none these things matter to our calling, and they never will. Children are the innocence of the human race, and the future of us all at the same time. You gave almost $30,000 for the earthquake victims and we are proud to say we are keeping our promise to spend every penny directly in Turkey helping the children and their families when, where, and how we can.

Thank you for your support, without it, we would not be here.

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