Turkey Earthquake Operation Update

July 10th, 2023

Captain Zeki Kamsu

747 Captain Zeki Kamsu has wrapped up our final purchases in Turkey for the children and their families we have been helping. Zeki has spent months and tens of thousands of dollars of his own money helping the victims of this earthquake. BP4K is so grateful for a person like Zeki who has a heart of gold and compassion for our mission. Without him, our mission would not have succeeded. If there was ever a humanitarian hero among us, it is Zeki.

The Operation

Both Bill and Cassandra paid for their own airline tickets to Turkey, visas, meals, and hotels. Not one dime of the money you donated went to cover any BP4K expenses. Promises made, promises kept.

We purchased stoves, refrigerators, kitchen equipment for over 120 families in remote villages. We bought 700 pairs of shoes. We purchased toys for an orphanage, we fixed windows and stairwells. And we did it with the funds you gave us.

These photos tell the story…

Click on the image to see the gallery
Thank You

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our effort. Our plan is to return in September and pass out 500 backpacks to children returning to school.

Grateful to you all, without you, we could not do this work.

WIlliam ‘Stevie Ray’ Vaughan
Founder, Executive Director BP4K

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