BP4K Donation Match, Looking to the Future, and an Update from Kyiv

BP4K $20,000 Donation drive a success! On Monday, June 13th, 2022, BP4K received a donation that brought our $20,000 donation matching opportunity to the finish line. Thank you all for your support. We continue to accept donations that fund not only our Ukraine operations but expansion to other areas around the globe where our organizationContinue reading “BP4K Donation Match, Looking to the Future, and an Update from Kyiv”

BP4K has delivered over 700 backpacks in Ukraine

700+ Backpacks If there was a Guinness book of world records for nonprofits, Operation BackPack4Kids would hold a few! Against the odds, your small Mom & Pop outfit has now delivered over 700 backpacks to children INSIDE the Ukraine. Every single day, 24 hours a day, someone, somewhere is working on this project. It isContinue reading “BP4K has delivered over 700 backpacks in Ukraine”

Only 1 week remains for our $20,000 donation match!!

BP4K’s $20,000 donation drive is 1 week away from wrapping up. To date we are a little over half way to our goal. Click here to donate now. BP4K at work in Cologne: May 19th, 2022: Jackie and I [Bill V.] made 100 backpacks today, 100 candy bags, and 80 hygiene kits. We had aContinue reading “Only 1 week remains for our $20,000 donation match!!”

Our 1,000th Backpack…

A mission outside of Cologne On Thursday, May 12th, 2022, BP4K Founder and Executive Director William Vaughan headed to the outskirts of Cologne to hand out BP4K backpacks. He brought a lady named Olja and our official 1,000th backpack with him. Backpack 1,000 A few weeks ago we asked Cassandra to prepare backpack number 1,000.Continue reading “Our 1,000th Backpack…”

How our backpacks reach Poland and Ukraine

May 8th, 2022 Small nonprofits like ours fill the holes and meet direct needs. Without us, little things get left out. We will continue our mission, and NOTHING will stop us. So grateful for all our partners! If anyone deserves praise, it’s this guy… Milo. He’s one of several crazy, awesome, big hearted Ukrainians thatContinue reading “How our backpacks reach Poland and Ukraine”

Kateryna ** UPDATED**

UPDATE: June 2nd, 2022 A few weeks ago we brought you the story of a pregnant woman who came into Cologne and collapsed. (See below) Well, good news to report, a healthy 7lbs baby boy was delivered this morning in Cologne! His name is Alexander… and when he leaves the hospital, he and his motherContinue reading “Kateryna ** UPDATED**”

A School in Zaporizhia, Ukraine

***PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT*** Today in Zaporizhia, Ukraine (110 miles from Maripol) at one of the only schools still trying to function… This principal gave out 25 of our backpacks to kids who are still coming to school. They asked if they could have 10 more…. Because 10 kids didn’t get one. Let that sinkContinue reading “A School in Zaporizhia, Ukraine”

BP4K Launches New In-House Donation Platform, & Thanks Cassandra

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 Operation Backpack4kids launched our in-house donation platform on Tuesday via backpack4kids.org. “Bringing donations in-house allows BP4K to significantly reduce the fees associated with mainstream crowdfunding platforms,” says Bill Vaughan, BP4K’s Global Director of Operations. Donors will initially be able to use any credit card of their choosing to place a donation.Continue reading “BP4K Launches New In-House Donation Platform, & Thanks Cassandra”