BP4K attends “Christmas in November,” in Memphis

Last month, BP4K attended the Red Cross’, “Christmas in November,” event in Memphis, TN. Over 600 of our backpacks were distributed. These backpacks originated from our recently opened US operations center in Louisville, KY. BP4K’s Chairman, Stacey Bie, Director of Procurement, Cassandra Zelesnikar, and Director of IT, Erik Copeland met on a brisk Saturday morningContinue reading “BP4K attends “Christmas in November,” in Memphis”

Turkey Earthquake Operation Update

July 10th, 2023 Captain Zeki Kamsu 747 Captain Zeki Kamsu has wrapped up our final purchases in Turkey for the children and their families we have been helping. Zeki has spent months and tens of thousands of dollars of his own money helping the victims of this earthquake. BP4K is so grateful for a personContinue reading “Turkey Earthquake Operation Update”

Get Your BP4K Raffle Tickets!!

What could be more fun than taking a ride with a family member or friend in the iconic Ford Tri-Motor?… Riding for twenty Dollars! Thanks to the EAA, our new sponsor and parter, now is your chance to help support Operation BackPck4Kids when you purchase a twenty dollar raffle ticket for a chance to winContinue reading “Get Your BP4K Raffle Tickets!!”

Two sisters, with no last name…

Gaziantep, Turkey: All that is known about the girls (pictured above) were a few comments made by a woman who was by the ambulance when the girls were loaded up and rushed to a hospital. “They’re Syrian sisters, I don’t see the parents”. February, 2023 Turkish rescue workers can only assume that the parents of theseContinue reading “Two sisters, with no last name…”


Special Update! 25th April, 2023 Backpack4kids is pleased to announce that we have secured the necessary permissions to enter the relief camp near Gaziantep Turkey. BP4K Team members are currently in route to disperse $26,000 in funds provided through donations made by you to our special Turkish earthquake response. Background Following the devastating earthquakes onContinue reading “BP4k SENDS VOLUNTEERS TO TURKEY”

BP4K’s 1st US Volunteer Build A Backpack Day

BP4K’s launches US operations: On Saturday, March 4th, 2023, BP4K hosted a “Build-a-backpack-day,” at our new Louisville Operations center located at Bowman Airfield in Louisville KY. Over 600 backpacks were built in a little over 3 hours. A very special thanks to you for your donations and to our volunteers who got it all done.Continue reading “BP4K’s 1st US Volunteer Build A Backpack Day”

BP4K sends 265 backpacks to Turkey via the UPS foundation

Thanks to the UPS Foundation: On February 16th, 2023, we shipped 265 of your backpacks to the disaster area. Additionally we have raised over 20k for relief efforts. We would like to thank the @UPSFoundation for providing space on their recent aid relief flight to Turkey for our backpacks. What happens to the bags? TogetherContinue reading “BP4K sends 265 backpacks to Turkey via the UPS foundation”

BP4K is now an American Red Cross Partner!

Hard work and staying focused pays off…. On behalf of the Trustees, it is a pleasure to announce Operation BackPack4Kids is now an American Red Cross partner. This partnership will allow BP4K access to the Red Cross emergency services network so that we can asses emergencies and disasters throughout North America and respond when weContinue reading “BP4K is now an American Red Cross Partner!”