Current Operations:


Ukraine Crisis

BP4K has been providing various forms of aid to Ukrainian child refugees and their families since Spring 2022. We have delivered backpacks to refugees in Germany, Poland, and within Ukraine’s borders. We have also provided various aid including supplying climate controlled coolers used to fly temperature sensitive medications into Ukraine. Although our operations have largely wound down, we still maintain a warehouse, partnerships, and staffing in Cologne, Germany, and we are ready to respond when needed.

Turkish and Syrian Earthquake’s, February 2023

As of this publication, BP4K has been able to respond to children affected by the earthquake in Turkey. We have sent 265 backpacks and raised almost $30,000USD for our Turkish operations. As of March 2023, the Turkish government has strict control over disaster areas within their borders. In addition, there are other safety and security concerns that prevents our team from traveling there. Until then we are looking for partners and organizations who can deliver our backpacks, such as our recent opportunity with the UPS foundation.

North America

United States

BP4K has opened it’s US operations center and supply warehouse located in Louisville, Kentucky as of January, 2023. Our first “Build-a-backpack-day,” took place on March 4th, 2023 where we built 600 backpacks. We will be hosting more of these days in the near future.