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Can I make a backpack for Backpack4Kids?

Backpacks are currently made in-house using your donation dollars. This provides us the most efficient and cost effective method to distribute backpacks to refugees. We occasionally host, ‘Build a Backpack Day(s),’ where we team up with local communities to source the supplies and build the backpacks right on-site. We will post these dates and locations on this website and on our social media accounts when they become available. Stay tuned. Unfortunately, due to security and various other concerns, we cannot accept backpacks made outside of official BP4K events.

What else can I do to help?

You can donate directly to our operation. We use your donations to build and distribute backpacks. Click here to donate.

You can also like and share our organization and our news updates on our social media accounts. This really helps us advertise our efforts!

Does BackPack4Kids have 501(c)(3) status?

The IRS awarded 501(c)(3) status to BP4K on July 21, 2022. We are also incorporated in the state of Kentucky.

Coming soon…. A dedicated 501.c.3 FAQ section

How do backpacks get to the refugees:

We use funds donated to our organization to source backpack supplies and build the backpacks in Cologne, Germany. This greatly increases the efficiency of our operation while reducing costs by avoiding shipping fees and applicable taxes. Once the backpacks are complete they are distributed through various channels and partnerships. Our backpacks currently go to the local Ukrainian refugee shelter in Cologne Germany, various refugee centers in Poland, and into Ukraine itself.

How is BP4K organized?

BP4K is a volunteer non-profit organization run by a Board of Trustees and a Director of Operations. Together, they lead multiple teams of volunteers to run the day to day operations. BP4K retains legal and financial consultants and partners with multiple other Non-Governmental-Organizations and Non-Profits to ensure mission success.

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