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How to make your backpack

We have worked closely with Government agencies and non-governmental organizations to provide backpacks that have what refugee children need most. Your first step is to reach out to us to ensure we are currently accepting bags.

There are 2 options for making your backpack:

Regardless of which option you choose, some things to keep in mind:

– No military / guns or toys

– Nothing political

– No nuts or potential allergens

– These are for kids aged 2-12 years old

– No food, meats, seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc., besides item #3 below.

– If making a complete backpack, please indicate somewhere on the backpack whether its for a boy/girl and the intended age range. If making a supply backpack, label which items you included.

– New items only, sorry. We cannot accept used items for numerous reasons.

Complete backpacks, please following packing list carefully. No extra items.

***New (preferred) Packing option (April 2022):***

Build a backpack with just 1 or 2 items from our list below. This allows us to build up supply stocks at our Louisville and Cologne, Germany operations centers.

For supply backpacks, please fill the bags at least half way.

Full Packing List:
  1. Packable blanket that can fit into the backpack along with all the other items, age appropriate size. Baby swaddling blankets are too small. No large towels.
  2. Candy / candy bars / chocolate (this is popular, Ghirardelli a FAVORITE)
  3. Goldfish and/or crackers
  4. Small packages of wet wipes and/or tissues – no chlorox or strong household cleaner types.
  5. Socks, 2-3 pairs
  6. Underwear, 2-3 pair
  7. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  8. Hair comb or brush
  9. Small stuffed animal (beanie baby sized)
  10. Refillable water bottle (12-16 oz) NEW only
  11. Hat and gloves*. Summer hat, baseball caps, new only.
  12. Body wash travel sized, all in 1 type (Shampoo and body wash)
  13. Washcloth
  14. Sketchpad & markers (crayons and or colored pencils, age appropriate)
  15. Rubik’s cube, fidget spinner, or pop-it toy*
  16. Matchbox car (boys) or small doll (girls)*
  17. Hair tie (girls)
  18. Small pack of feminine hygienic products (for girls 10yrs +)

Once your bag is ready, reach out to your local contact and we will have further instructions

Bag Do’s and Don’ts

Specific supply items needed:

From time to time we find our inventory requiring a specific item or two that may be difficult to source or extremely expensive in a particular market. As a solution, we ask you to acquire these items and they will be transported through our normal logistics networks. Please contact if you would like to contribute a single item supply pack to BP4K.

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