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Approaching Backpack # 4,000

***UPDATE, September 22nd***As we close in on backpack number 4,000… that’s right, almost 4,000 backpacks delivered through Operation BackPack4Kids… we cannot rest on our accomplishments. There are still hundreds of thousands of refugee children displaced in Europe. We are in this for the long haul. Running a legitimate, vetted nonprofit requires the energy of aContinue reading “Approaching Backpack # 4,000”

Operation Backpack4Kids receives $25,000 IPA Foundation Grant

A grassroots effort launched by IPA B747 First Officer Bill Vaughan to aid Ukrainian child refugees has now helped thousands of children in need. Today, the IPA Foundation presented Operation Backpack4Kids, a 501.c.3 organization, with a $25,000 check to aid in its efforts to provide backpacks filled with essential and comfort items to displaced UkrainianContinue reading “Operation Backpack4Kids receives $25,000 IPA Foundation Grant”


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