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BP4K is a 501.c.3 organization of Airline Pilots working together with their local communities, Non-Government-Organizations, Non-Profit Charities, The Red Cross, and local Emergency Services to help displaced child-refugees and children affected by disasters by providing aid while they transition to a new life. BP4K is currently providing aid to children affected by the Turkish earthquakes and we are continuing our work with Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

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🇹🇷 Backpack4kids is responding to the devastation created by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. On Thursday, February 16th, BP4K partnered with the UPS foundation and sent 265 backpacks from Louisville, KY to Turkey. We have also started a dedicated donation drive whose donations will go directly to children and their families who have been affected by the recent earthquakes. Developing, stay tuned for more. 🇸🇾

You can donate directly to our Turkey Operations by clicking below:

What we do:

BP4K’s primary mission is to provide backpacks filled with essential and comfort items (blankets, hats and gloves, toothbrush, etc.), to children affected by major crises anywhere on the globe. We also provide various other forms of aid centered around these same children as need and opportunities arise.

Our current operations are two-fold: First, we are primarily focused on children affected by the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes. Second, we have just completed setting up our US operations; we are now ready to rapidly respond to a situation in the USA, with Canada and Mexico in the development phase.

Drawings made by kids at Cologne Refugee Processing Center

How you can help:

Donate! We use your contribution to source backpacks and supplies for kids ages 2-12 affected by natural disasters, conflicts & wars, and refugees. As opportunities arise, we also use your funds to provide relief and aid to children in other ways, such as delivering medicine, providing newborn supplies, meals, etc. To date we have delivered over 4,000 bags which we couldn’t have done without your donations.


We need all kinds of volunteers: those wishing to help build backpacks, those who can drive them across the country when needed, those who can help distribute them, and lots more. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Our March 4th Build a backpack day in Louisville, KY was a success!! Stay tuned for more opportunities..

Make a backpack! From time to time as opportunities present themselves, we will host, “Build a Backpack Days,” which will consist of our organization and local communities working together to source and build backpacks for BP4K. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities. Please note: for security purposes we do not accept backpacks that have not been built in collaboration with official BP4K events.

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