Operation Backpack4Kids

A 501.c.3 organization

A grassroots effort of Airline Pilots working together with their local communities, Non-Government-Organizations, Non-Profit Charities, and local Emergency Services to help thousands of displaced Ukrainian child-refugees by providing aid while they transition to a new life.

What we do:

BP4K’s primary mission is to provide backpacks filled with essential and comfort items (blankets, hats and gloves, toothbrush, etc.), to children affected by major crises anywhere on the globe. We also provide various other forms of aid centered around these same children as need and opportunities arise.

Our current operations are focused on Ukrainian refugees:

We have delivered thousands of backpacks to kids arriving in Cologne and surrounding towns including special trips to Poland, not only handing out backpacks, but helping the local refugee effort however we could. We’ve made tailored bags for mothers with newborns, special needs families, and families traveling with elder parents and grandparents. We have even managed to have our backpacks delivered to refugee sites within the Ukraine border thanks to partnerships we’ve made with other non-profit organizations. When one of these partnerships needed temperature controlled coolers to transport delicate medications by small aircraft destined for refugees inside Ukraine, BP4K delivered. Our goal remains simple: Help refugee children from Ukraine in anyway we can.

Drawings made by kids at Cologne Refugee Processing Center

How you can help:

Donate! We use your contribution to source backpacks and supplies for kids ages 2-12 in Cologne, Germany. To date we have delivered thousands of bags which we couldn’t have done without your donations.

Make a backpack! From time to time as opportunities present themselves, we will host, “Build a Backpack Days,” which will consist of our organization and local communities working together to source and build backpacks for BP4K. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities. Please note: for security purposes we do not accept backpacks that have not been built in collaboration with official BP4K events.

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