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Can I pack anything I want in the bags?

No. Please refer to the packing list. This allows us to ensure the refugees are getting the supplies they need. Click here for current packing list.

Can I include second-hand items in the bag?

For a multitude of reasons we cannot accept any used items, sorry.

I don’t live in an area where there is a local pilot to give a bag to. What can I do to help?

Email us at logistics@backpack4kids.org and we will see if we can connect you with one of our pilots. You can also donate either directly to our operation or to the Salvation Army of Louisville. Both avenues will use your donation to build backpacks. Click here to donate.

Does BackPack4Kids have 501(c)(3) status?

We are currently in the application process for a 501(c)(3) status. We will make an announcement when we are approved.

How do backpacks get to the refugees:

When we are able to accept bags made in the USA, local pilots and volunteers will collect your backpacks, screen them for security and content purposes, then get them moving along our logistics chain utilizing shipping partners. Once in Europe the bags are staged in holding rooms close to refugee aid stations. Final delivery occurs as needed throughout the day using aid workers and/or volunteer pilots either on layovers or on their days off.

We also use funds donated to our organization to source backpack supplies in Europe so we can build the backpacks there. This greatly increases the efficiency of our operation and is becoming the main focus of our operation. We will occasionally ask you for items not easily found in Europe or items prohibitively expensive in the EU instead of a complete backpack. Click here for items that are currently in need.